Red Square Pictures Submission of Unsolicited Ideas and/or Material release form


Release Form:
Submission of Unsolicited Ideas and/or Material

Red Square Pictures, LLC (“RSP”)
250 E Houston St 10L
New York, NY 10002

Submitter of Material

Dear Sir or Madam:

My below acceptance constitutes the legal equivalent of my signature and confirms that I have read, understood and am willing to be bound by the following:

1)  I understand that it is your general policy not to entertain or receive film or television materials, ideas, program formats, literary material, or suggestions except on the express condition that the person submitting the same signs (or electronically accepts in a form legally equivalent to a signature such as that provided for on this website) a release in this form.  I am aware that RSP will only accept and consider ideas and suggestions if their author is willing to agree to the policies as outlined within this release form and will only accept material submitted in written form.

2)  I am voluntarily submitting to you the ideas and/or material (referred to herein as the "Material"), all of the basic elements of which are described below, and acknowledge that you have not directly or indirectly solicited or induced me to submit the Material or promised me that you will option and/or purchase same.  I recognize and acknowledge that you have access to many film and television properties, ideas, materials, suggestions and other items which are originated by you or are submitted to you or otherwise are available for your inspection and use which may embrace the same ideas and/or be similar in content, elements, ideas or otherwise to the material submitted by me to you.  I am aware that RSP may already be exploring films, programs and ideas generated by employees or other outside sources that resemble my submission and acknowledge that, in some cases, my ideas may have been considered by RSP in the past, or similar or identical ideas may be generated independently.  Therefore, I agree to renounce any claim that RSP misappropriated any ideas or portions of my submission in any future RSP films, programs or activities.

3)  I affirm and guarantee that the Material is entirely original with me and not derived from any other source, and, as the sole originator of the idea, that I have the full right to submit same to you.  I have retained at least one (1) copy of the Material, and I agree that you shall not have any obligation to return the Material to me nor for any damage or mutilation of the physical elements of the Material which I submit.

4)  I agree that you have no obligation to review the Material, nor to compensate me, nor to purchase and/or option any rights to the Material thereto.  In the event you wish to option and/or purchase any or all of the Material, we shall negotiate the terms thereof in good faith.  In any event, I am aware that RSP’s consideration of Material I submit, or negotiations to purchase them, does not waive RSP’s right to contest my copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights.

5)  No other agreement, written or oral, expressed or implied, exists between us with respect to the Material, nor have you made any inducements, promises or representations to me with respect to same.  I warrant that I am over twenty-one (21) years of age.  The Material is not being submitted to you in confidence, and no confidential or fiduciary relationship is created between us.  These terms and conditions bind me and those claiming through me (including my heirs, administrators, personal representatives and assigns) with respect to the material.

6)  In the space provided for on the next page of this electronic submission form I have described and written a synopsis of the Material submitted.  I accept that RSP may discuss the Material with employees, and possibly others, to evaluate its usefulness to RSP.  I understand that any consideration of my written or verbal submission does not create a confidential relationship between me and RSP.

7)  I agree that the above conditions may not be changed or waived except in writing and signed by an officer of RSP and I agree that my acceptance of this release will hereby apply to all current as well as future submissions.

8) I have read this release form in its entirety and I agree to the conditions contained herein.